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Champions Ladder Champions Ladder Champions Ladder Champions Ladder Champions Ladder

Champions Ladder

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Product Description

The Champions Ladder 

The Champions Ladder is an innovative ladder/treadmill, and is one of the most efficient cardio devices out there, taking into account burning calories and building aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Its unique design sets the user at an angle of 40° in order to relieve any pressure the lower back and joints. You won't achieve this on any other cardio device.

Another important advantage of the ladder is the fact that its operation is very simple, and exercise on it does not require any special training. The user adjusts the tempo on the Champions Ladder - the faster the user goes, the faster the machine works - in order to pause, just stop climbing. Nothing more - you control the ladder, and not the other way around!

The distance between one rung and the next is one foot. This is the basic unit used by the Royal Geographical Society and the most commonly used in the world to determine climbing height.

Each Champions Ladder device is equipped with a Samsung screen that automatically communicates with the Champions Ladder App, available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Thanks to the app, users have the ability to monitor and record their achievements, as well as motivate themselves by setting targets. The Champions Ladder App is also a global system of competitions, rivalry and objectives tailored to each user independently of his or her fitness level and age. The app provides regular updates of training plans that users can apply to improve their results, and access to instructional videos that show the different forms of training using the Champions Ladder.

Specific advantages for fitness clubs/commercial gyms:

The Champions Ladder ensures a very high turnover of users - a change of users occurs on average every ten minutes. Thanks to this, the device is not occupied for an hour as is often in the case of treadmills or exercise bikes. The possibility of short but intensive training makes these devices ideal for club members who want to maximise their calorie burn in minimal time. The Champions Ladder does not have to be connected to an electrical supply, which means that the use of this device is cost-free. 


Width 90 cm
Length 198 cm
Height 168 cm
Weight 210 kg
Room height requirements 230 cm
Frame Welded steel pipes
Rungs Ash wood
Housing Stainless Steel
Power supply Built-in generator
The parameters on the display time;
distance in rungs;
distance in metres;
speed in rungs;
speed in metres;
number of calories burned;
pulse (using a pulse monitor);
the distance to a set destination;
Screen Samsung 10.1" - touch screen
App Champions Ladder Display 2.0
Warranty 4 years on parts
Our Price: £4,775.00
In Stock


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